Tales From The Supermax


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released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


[EVERTRAPPED] Montreal, Québec

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Track Name: Stillborn Era
Over-regulating a precarious freedom
Afraid of life or death
Deathcount as a primary target of control:
Keeping us all safe and dead

Stop, wait, slow down, have a pill
Think before you feel anything
Stop, wait, stay down, be still
Think before you feel your own thing

And If you were to live, they’d keep you in a cage
And If you were to die, they’d say you didn’t want to live

We were not meant for this stillborn era
If we have to come back, may it be 500 years ago

A world ruled by geriatrics, taming the youth
Fuck life expectancy
Shouldn’t be how long, should be how free one has lived
Machines have taken over

Luxuries acting as so many prison bars,
Our freedom was traded for candy flowing down the bridge
Track Name: With Cries Of Hate
Pushing a rock up a mountain: Down it rolls
Stranger in an estranged world

Struggling through life for Purpose, creating or filling Void: Suicide vs Belief
Or to live without Appeal

As an Absurd Hero

Revolt - Holding on to a righteous Revolt
Freedom - Through acceptance of what is Freedom
Passion - For a subjective sense of Passion

Judged for being a crime to his peers, not what he did, what they think he feels

She asked If I loved her and so I said no
The sky became green, and so then it was night
I said yes so i wouldn't have to be talking no more
I felt at home in my prison cell and its nightmares

A Prince's Quest for the Absolute – Orchestrating his own assassination

If the World is as I am, may it greet me with Cries of Hate

To refuse Suicide, and to fire Once more
One more time - Two more times - Three more times - Fo(u)r More
Track Name: Section 753
Inmate #666, but I know that I did not do it
Wrong place at the wrong time, someone had to be the one to blame
Declared a dangerous offender, they threw away the key
A country’s deadliest revenge, section 753

Still I pay for this crime

Indeterminate sentence, random years of false hope
I will never get out of here
But they’ll make sure I carry that hope
Terminated by that sentence, my own cold eternal {…}
Now I wonder if I did it, just so it would make sense to be in this hole
…and I wonder

They found him in Texas, I knew that I did not do it
Three more he sent to hell, while I was in this cage of his
And now he is on deathrow, no 753
And as he’s being injected, I am finally free
…and now I know

They found them in New York, turns out that he did not do it
But now it’s too late for him, he was needled just yesterday
Sent out to his last rest, There was never a key
A State’s deadliest revenge: a fault of eternity

Injustice… Still I’m here… To yell why…‘Cause I’m here…. And he’s not.
Track Name: Ordeal: Fire
Trial of a Noble one, send for the Priest
Truth is a fire away
Judicum Dei, the accused must stand
A micro Reckoning Day

All rise, now feel the fear in his eyes
Guilty or dead as flesh is burning
All rise, now feel the fire in his eyes
Soon time to wear the Mourning Ring

From a cold prison cell to my faith, nine feet of verity

Walking upon the Crimson Path , freedom through her
I pray Emma - Ploughshares of Snow

All lies, can’t be, no fear in his eyes
Witchcraft, the wounds instantly healing
All lies, cant be, the peace in his eyes
A Heart of Winter, the ploughshares bleeding

I pray her, I am her

From a cold prison cell to my faith, nine feet of Sanctity
Track Name: An Unfair Game
Came from a drunken night between young ghosts
A few months inside a poisoned womb, then it was years
Loveless feedings became shameless beatings
Until they took him away to where they just did not care

Bow - the courage to go on... and on
Playing an unfair game

Escaping through drugs or die hard trying
And all the while is this reform, school or jail ?
By the time he realized it was freedom
Time was running short and escapes much more exp(a/e)nsive

Could have been me, wandering empty streets without shelter

Looking down at him as he shouldn't be
'cause you're going somewhere or is it where you're coming from ?
Looking down at him as it shouldn't be
And when he saved your life, did his earn any more value ?
Forced in to receive ordered medication
Then forced out to clear one room and their conscience
Holding his ground receiving what you give
Standing tall as just another blind sacrifice

Could have been you, wandering empty worlds without memories
Track Name: Involuntary Seizure Machine
ECT against his Will - They said he had no Free Will
When he stood his Joke of a Trial - They plead he can't stand Trial
Evidence that he behaved Wrong - That he doesn't know Right from Wrong
Evidence that he's destroyed by Drugs - That Salvation lies in their Drugs

Never Odd or Even - God Saw I was Dog

He used to live inside a Dream - For his life haunted his Dream
Beaten to Death more than Once - He came back to see if just Once [...]
Raised in Hell, he sought for Peace - Departing Truth for Peace
Day Last: his Day One Quest - Day Zero: a parallel Anti-Quest

Convulsions strikes, existence reversed
Sleeping through pain, Awakening, will the Sun set One Last Time ?

Waste (half a verse)
On and On, Ever Faster - On and On, and then quicker Backwards
Repeating instead of Rhyming - Repeating to keep the Clock from Ticking
Track Name: Ex Cathedra
…and then there was light, a new form of fright, a prophet from above
Wronging the rights, punishing insights, but it’s all out of love

Blind faith rising, as guilt heals pleasure
I’m a sinner
As one as they sing, and kill their nature

Why kneel if we’re reaching for Heaven
Fighting our deepest feelings to destroy our need for fulfilling existence
Engraving our heart ‘till its blood becomes wine, crawling for lenience

…and then there was loss, and no peace rivers crossed, so it all turned to stone
Watching the rust fading into dust, but it’s all standalone

Lord help me
Nothing but emptiness
Lord take me back when I used to be alive

I came and I saw there’s nothing to be seen, no face to the Truth, who am I now ?
I got enough guilt to start my own rites, follow me my friends, I am the One

…and then there was night, an old form of fright, a prophet from above
Wronging the rights, punishing insights, and it’s all out of love
Track Name: Apocalypse (The Lifting Of The Veil)
Year 1012, a secret cave
No man was ever meant to discover, he entered
The Darkness falls on the engraved walls
A candlelight that clears a path
That leads to knowledge that leads to Eternity

Revelations misread, Sacred Psalms unchanted
The Truth that misled the World further ‘till the End

A one-man raid, it should have failed
A treasure beyond his faculty to understand, he thought then
The Universe explained in a verse
A candlefright that clears a path
That leads to knowledge that leads to Insanity

As I read these words of arch-wisdom
How I need to reach for oblivion
How I feel this truth not meant for me
As I kneel, Oh Lord please set me free
Track Name: Learning To Die
Glory / Failure : who's to judge ?
The final score : does it lie within ?
Time VS Time
Half a life: but is it late enough ?

Trying to be true to myself as a legacy and why as I will go childless

As I finally learn to die, I suddenly start to live
Carelessness is true freedom and I couldn't care less anymore

Seeing that the World fails apart more everyday why shouldn't I go my own way

Anger / Control : where's the key ?
The rules: do they lie out there ?
Time VS Time
Half a Death : but is it soon enough ?

Misplaced my licence to live, replaced it with a wild card I fear to play

Tear up my heart once more so I remember how it kills to be made a lie
Burn off my hopes and tighten the ropes that kept me from flying away
I use to feel I was wasting my life until one day I realized
I might have been asleep, so deep asleep, but no one can waste what's useless
Still I raise…
Track Name: Infinite Random Matrix
Release me from that thousand pound burden – Can’t breathe
Unleash me from that – Reset
Thousand and one pound burden
What’s it with life and reason
How will I ever fall in

Relieve me from those thousand and two trials – Can’t hear
Unleash me from those – Reset
Thousand and three trials at trying to try a trial at trying

As she infiltrates me I get to choose what's real
To feel or not to feel this larger than life wound that's waiving you
In for a journey inside consumed nothingness,
Of conscience lost through that "Me" I shall never be
Out for a flashback inside that one last caress
Of love and hate ,Enemy I shall ever be
Embraced by Loss, engraved by Trust deceived by the test of time
Embraced by Loss, betrayed by Lust, as she infiltrates me

Reverse me from this - Reset
Resend me to those thousand and four dreams – Can’t fail
Unleash me, I’m going for the kill
What’s it with Death and Evil
How will I ever reach out

If I’m to live this way
I’d like to leave today
If I’m to die this way
I’d love to have this day then fade away

Retrieve me from this – Reset
Refuel me from that thousand and fifth fire – Can’t stop
Unleash me for more trials at trying to try a trial at trying
More trials at trying to die